Excellent Sales Person at Denizen Suntec outlet

I was at the Denizen outlet at Suntec with my girlfriend today and got a chance to witness what a sales person dedicated to her job looks like. This lady approached both of us, but I wasn’t really interested in looking for jeans, and so she served my girlfriend instead.

During the whole time, she took the effort to learn what were her concerns and what she was looking for, and while she was trying jeans out, she went ahead and took the initiative to look for other jeans that might suit her and offered them to her while she was still in the changing room, finding the right size, style and colour for her. Most sales people I saw while shopping with my girlfriend (because I don’t shop enough myself) just do what we ask. Some even give annoyed faces when we ask for help to find a different size, or comment on how we don’t like a certain style and want to find another one. Not her though, she was cheerfully (she smiled as she worked) serving my girlfriend the whole time.

Another cool thing? After I mentioned at the start that I wasn’t interested in finding jeans, she left me alone and stopped bugging me or attempting to hard-sell me.

After watching her serve my girlfriend with such dedication and joy, I decided I will buy a pair of jeans just because of the excellent service.

We need more people like her around, people who serve their customer for their customer’s benefit, not for their own. And even if I don’t find something that meets my needs at such a shop, you can guarantee that I will remember the shop, and I’ll be back again.

One mistake I made today? I didn’t go find out that lady’s name. Denizen Suntec, if you are reading this, you should reward your sales lady. She was a Philipino (based on her accent) wearing pink on Sunday, 25th March, and served us at around 3:30pm. Keep it up!


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